freebies: what will they remember?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

although i don't blog much anymore, i thought this printable was worth my time to design and to share.

i've been adapting a new mantra that I learned from a new friend…

"what will they remember?"

i have it on a little 4 x 6 card on my gallery wall and it's the first thing i'll see when i wake up each day. i want them to always remember how hard I try to give them a life full of little moments and how hard i love them.

rather than getting caught up in the busy of life, wishing and waiting for a break, a trip, an occasion, the next stage, the next phase…  we NEED to be present and grasp onto those little morsels of time we have in between, hug them tightly, fill them with colour, beauty, smiles, imagination and adventure, and devour them for what they are.

i will enjoy the small things. they will remember them. 

here's a little printable for you to enjoy.  it prints two per page so hang one by your bedside, on your mirror, on your fridge, in your pantry… even in your car, as a reminder to enjoy those little things and make the most of your everyday. we only get one chance.

+ download the "what will they remember?" printable in pdf
+ download the "what will they remember?" printable in jpg

let's get crafty: DIY heart string art on wood free template.

Friday, January 2, 2015

I LOVE gallery walls. We have a few areas of our home that are littered with frames filled with art and photos, kid art, faux taxidermy and monograms. I enjoy crafting items to include on the wall to add texture and uniqueness.

We had a vacant angled wall on our landing that I’ve always wanted to do something with since we moved in. As I collected items, frames, and art for the gallery, I also crafted a few small projects to display. On this gallery wall, I crafted the dreamcatcher, chalkboard tag, and heart string art on wood. 

This simple DIY heart string art on wood project is perfect for a crafternoon while baby sleeps, or an evening of indulging in creative me-time. And, the end result is beautiful and gratifying, considering it’s quite an inexpensive project.

the supplies. 

wood log slice from Michaels {used a 40% off coupon, of course!}
small nails with heads
embroidery thread or twine
metal picture hanger
free printable heart template

the how-to. 
  1. Begin your project by printing this free printable heart template. The heart is already conveniently marked for the positioning of your nails. 
  2. Place your heart template on your wood log slice. You can tape the template down for security. On a solid surface, hammer the top and bottom nails in to keep your template from shifting. Hammer each nail into the log slice, about halfway, leaving enough space for you to wrap your thread. 
  3. Hammer all of your nails along the heart’s border. Remove paper template. 
  4. Tie a knot of your thread at the bottom nail head. Begin to randomly strand your tread to the nail heads, looping the thread around once. It’s important to keep tension on your thread the entire time to avoid the thread slipping or unraveling from your nails. 
  5. Once you have your thread stranded over the entire heart, try to loop the end of your design at the same beginning point. Tie a knot to secure. Trim thread. 
  6. I added a simple picture hanger to the back of my wood log slice for hanging. 

freebies: a summer journal kit for classmates + free printables.

Monday, June 23, 2014

the school year is coming to an end this week and we couldn't be more excited around here!  i can't wait for lazy mornings without a rush to the bus stop or packing the same ol' lunch every day.  time for fun in the sun!

a friend gave me a call this past week asking whether i had any ideas for a unique class gift for her son. her boy and my oldest are much alike.  they love to draw, write, and read.  on the spot, i thought of an educational and encouraging idea and got to creating...

i love flipping through my daughter's journals.  her little stories, songs and drawings are so sweet, especially at this age as she's learning to creative write and document activities and events.  i'll be motivating her throughout the summer to journal our adventures, whether they be a mad dash to the ice cream truck or a road trip through the mountains.

i've designed a colourful popsicle-themed label and tag to accompany the gift of a journal, pen and pencil to make the perfect year end treat for classmates.  not only is this gift for classmates useful, but also, inexpensive, costing less than $1 per student.

while i realize the school year has already ended for our friends south, i thought i'd offer this gift idea and printable to stow away for next year...

and, i also came across these summer journal prompts on pinterest that will be great to spark ideas! visit my summertime fun board on pinterest for more great fun-filled summer activities!

the supplies.

journals or notebooks
pencils and pens
large popsicle sticks
twine or ribbon
hole punch
hot glue gun
white cardstock paper
avery label paper 5163 {10 per page}
printable popsicle journal tag
printable popsicle journal label

the how-to.
  1. print your journal tags on white cardstock paper and journal labels on avery 5163 labels which come 10 per page.
  2. trim the popsicle journal tags. have your child sign each tag, if you choose.
  3. hot glue the popsicle journal tags to the popsicle sticks
  4. stick your labels onto the journals.
  5. i used inexpensive hilroy ruled exercise books which easily rolled up and held in place with an elastic. 
  6. tuck your pen and pencil into the elastic or tie your pen and pencil to the journal if you are not rolling.
  7. hole punch the popsicle tag and tie to the journal, pen and pencil bundle with twine or ribbon.

let's get crafty: DIY vintage book page art.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

In my Pinterest travels, I stumbled upon a pin that led me to this site, Vintage Printable. Vintage Printable provides free, public domain/out-of-copyright images for you to print or download. Many of the images are vintage naturalist or scientific illustration, but there is a huge collection of other images too.

The site has been sitting in my bookmarks and I wanted to attempt an easy DIY using the gorgeous artwork. Coupled with my huge collection of vintage Reader’s Digest hardcovers, I’ve created some beautiful Springtime art to hang in your home, use for cardmaking or crafts.

The site is a little tough to search but doing so through Google images is the easiest method to find images by topic.  Simply type your topic term and conclude with {see example below}  I searched for Springtime terms such as butterflies, eggs, rabbit, botanical etc. and found a beautiful assortment of images. I downloaded a collection of images I wanted to print.

Using a stack of doubles of my vintage Reader’s Digest collection, I tore out pages and trimmed the ripped edges for easing feeding through my inkjet printer. Ideally your pages should be an approximate size of 5 x 7 inches.

To print your images, you’ll have to set up a custom size if your printer settings don’t already have a 5 x 7 option. In your printer’s settings, I set a custom page size for 127 mm x 177 mm which translates to the 5 x 7 page size. Select your custom page size, and check off your “scale to fit” and “fill entire paper”. Load your book pages into your printer tray. (My printer was a little finicky in grabbing the vintage book pages, so I actually fed one page in at a time.) And, print!


this post is a repost from where I'm a guest blogger sharing a DIY or craft each month.  if you aren't already a follower, head on over to Amy's blog!  It's overflowing with tips, tricks, and knowledge to help you stay organized, sane, and on budget... 

freebies: all about my daddy questionnaire.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

father's day is just around the corner and if you're in a pickle of what to give that everyday super hero, here are two free printables to get you well on your way.  i designed these printables last year on my old blog, and i thought it was worthy of a repost after receiving hundreds of downloads!

first, celebrate with a sweet treat and add this awesome topper to his favorite dessert.

instructions included

and then, surprise him with this all about my daddy questionnaire. these questionnaires are always a fun activity to do with your children and i suspect you'll collect some hilarious answers! i never knew B weighed 36 pounds, measured 10 feet tall and his favorite food are grapes!  frame your printable and wrap in a bow tie and he'll love it!

let's get crafty: 3 favorite ways to top off desserts + a free printable.

Monday, June 9, 2014

this post is a repost from where I'm a guest blogger sharing a DIY or craft each month.  if you aren't already a follower, head on over to Amy's blog!  It's overflowing with tips, tricks, and knowledge to help you stay organized, sane, and on budget... 

February and March were birthday months for the boys in my life. In February, my little guy turned two, and in March, my husband, well, let's just say he's much closer to 40 than 35. Whether it’s a homemade waffle birthday breakfast or a donut cake, we love our desserts around here! In my very first DIY and crafting post for, I've shown three of my favorite ways to top off our sweet treats.


First, and my most fave, is this simple fuzzy and fluffy pom pom garland. Colourful and playful, it adds so much fun to your dessert. You could make this garland with tiny to large fuzzy pom poms or even craft your own poms out of yarn.

What you need.

Pom poms. Size and color of choice.
(I purchased an assorted bag from Michaels with my trusty weekly coupon.) 
Twine or thread
Large needle
Skewers, straws, small dowels

The how to. 

  1. On your crafting surface, arrange your pom poms in your desired order. 
  2. Thread your needle. Begin to thread the first pom onto the twine. Be sure to leave at least 5 inches excess on the end. 
  3. Thread each pom onto the twine. Space the poms a desired distance apart. 
  4. Once you’ve completed adding your poms, tightly secure the twine to your stick using a double knot. Trim your twine. 
  5. Tightly secure the other end to your second stick and trim. 
  6. Insert into your sweet treat. 
  7. Dig in! 


I love that these toppers can be reused throughout the year and for all types of celebrations from birthday breakfasts to report card day! I found these small wooden shapes for less than 50 cents at Michaels and gave them a triple coat of chalkboard paint.

What you need. 

Wooden shapes
Straws, popsicle sticks, or small dowels
Chalkboard paint
Foam brush
Paper towel or newspaper
Hot glue gun and glue

The how to. 

  1. Protect your crafting surface with paper towel or newspaper. 
  2. Paint your wooden shapes using the chalkboard paint. When using chalkboard paint for crafts, I use a minimum of 3 coats. Allow for drying time in between coats. It seems to dry quickly.
  3. Attach your wooden shapes to your stick using a dab of hot glue. Draw or decorate your chalkboard topper for your occasion.
  4. Insert into your sweet treat. 
  5. Dig in! 


Washi tape is a huge trend right now – and there are limitless crafts you can muster with it! My go-to topper are washi garlands. Paired with a paper banner, it makes a super sweet addition to your treat. I’ve designed two free printable paper banners in 3 colors for your next occasion.

What you need. 

A collection of favorite washi tapes
Skewers, straws or small dowels
Free printable paper banner: {Click to download} HOORAY! or HAPPY BIRTHDAY 

The how to. 

  1. Cut a 18 inch length of twine 
  2. Cut your washi tape in equal or varied lengths and fold evenly over the twine, leaving 5 inches of vacant twine on each end. 
  3. Print the free printable paper banner and trim. 
  4. Secure your paper banner to the top of your sticks using a piece of washi or hot glue 
  5. Below the paper banner, tightly secure your washi tape garland using a double knot or bow to each stick. 
  6. Insert into your sweet treat. 
  7. Dig in! 

 Grab Your Free Printables HERE: 

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