let's get crafty: our pet flamingo, fifi.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

meet fifi. hannah's very own pet flamingo. she doesn't say much and she's terrible at fetch, but she's definitely a cheerful accessory to hannah's room.  my 6 year old gets these ideas, and often, can't let them go. we really wanted a puppy but my allergies are much too terrible. we agreed on fish to celebrate the last day of school before summer... but meanwhile, hannah wanted a flamingo. she had already crafted a paper collar and hat for her future pet, but this is the best i could do.

my heart skipped a beat when i spotted these pink glitter flamingos for yard decoration at our local dollar store. they'd be so awesome as a centrepiece at a summer party!  here's how you can make your own standing flamingo!

what you need.

plastic flamingo yard accessory
{double rad if you can get your hands on a  glittered one, or glitter your own!}
two wooden dowels: dollar store or michaels
wooden base: michaels
spray paint
washi tape
a drill and bit the same diameter of the dowel
hot glue
spray adhesive: elmer's from walmart or michaels

the how-to.

1. to measure the holes for your base and dowels, insert the metal legs into your flamingo, and mark your base at the two points where you will drill your dowel holes.

2. choose a drill bit that is close to the same diameter of the dowel's tip and drill holes in the base about 1/2 inch deep. make sure your drill bit isn't too large as it'll make your flamingo a little wobbly.

3. you'll likely have to increase the size of the holes on the flamingo's belly to fit your dowels. using the same bit, drill through the holes on the flamingo to increase their size.

4. spray paint your dowel legs and base.  i chose metallic gold and lime green.  let dry completely.

5. i added glitter stripes to the dowel legs by taping off equal alternating sections with washi tape.  i sprayed this portion of the dowel with spray adhesive and rolled the dowel through a paper plate of glitter.  let dry and remove washi tape to reveal the glitter striped socks.

6. add a little hot glue in the base holes and insert the dowels.  let dry.

7. carefully insert the dowels into the belly of the flamingo.  my dowels slid all the way up and inside to the back to ensure she's sturdy.  add a little hot glue under the belly around the dowel to secure in place.

8. give your flamingo a name and a home!

freebie: be happy bunting.

Monday, March 24, 2014

this winter feels everlasting!  we caught a glimpse of Spring and sunshine last week but over the weekend we were graced with another blizzard of sorts.  i think i could use a reminder that Spring is just around the corner... don't worry, be happy!

i've designed a free printable be happy bunting for you to print, crop and display in a special spot.  you can also use the letters as a template and crop from your choice of patterned cardstock or glitter cardstock as i did here in hannah's room! enjoy!

in this corner: hannah's room. part 2.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

in this corner is little sneak peek of what i'm up to decorating-wise. in this blog feature you'll find a simple little photo of a favourite corner of our home along with some details, sources, and inspiration. a fun feature to sustain me before the big room reveals!

in this corner...

when our home was built, the bonus room space was used for a fourth bedroom, and laundry room.  hannah's room is big and bright, with a beautiful large window and spacious closet for storage.

behind her entrance door is an odd nook that we've slowly customized. we've added sweet little details to make this little corner cute and functional.  these creative personalized additions don't cost much at all but they're often what makes a room special.  hannah was proud to have input and a hand in making her space her own by helping me with these little projects.

the scalloped chalkboard decal from UrbanWalls is the perfect addition to my budding artist's corner.  she loves to doodle and write messages on it daily.  a handy coral tin bucket hanging on a tea cup hook holds her chalk.  above is a colourful hipster kitten print i discovered on pinterest. beside, i created a glitter card stock 'be happy' bunting using a template i designed, printed, and cropped.  i'll be providing a free template for this bunting this week! and below, a collage of four photos of my hannah being herself, silly and quirky.  we had so much fun with the camera one afternoon and snapped about 50 photos of her and her many faces.  all of these details hang using my favourite gold washi tape from confetti and sparkle party shop.

on the adjacent wall, i picked up two wooden boxes from the dollar store and gave them a quick coat of paint; white on the exterior and turquoise on the interior.  i hung them staggered on the wall and backed them with a few leftover UrbanWalls metallic mini dot decals. the boxes are home to her momiji wooden doll collection.  we dressed up one box with a colorful felt ball garland.  and above hangs a large poster from inkycreative. i had printed at costco. a fun pairing for her handmade paper mache unicorn.

see another corner in hannah's room here.

with only a few small details left to complete in this room, it'll be ready for a tour soon...

around the house: hank's room tour.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring is in the air.  the change of seasons always throws me into a tailspin of projects. and while we have plenty on the go, i'm trying to complete a few of the small little details in rooms that are nearly finished.  this week, hank's room had a new light installed and a little whimsy added to his drapes with pom pom trim.  i'll call it done, for now... next up is a big boy bed!

we hit our first garage sale of the season and found a wild thing costume for a couple of dollars.
the very last touch added to my little wild thing's room.

hank's dresser is repurposed from his nursery and is the only storage in his room. the wall above makes me smile. a parade of animals on a photo frame ledge, a vintage LEGO patent poster, handmade LEGO character display clipboards, a zinc H (the very first detail i bought for his first nursery), and a wild things printable. small little touches like a jar of hot wheels, a vintage wooden toy car, and a vintage Dr. Suess book from his great grandma make his room that much more special.

if you reside in canada, i encourage you to check out a local RONA for light fixtures.  they have a great selection of stylish lighting for any budget. this orange metal wire fixture was only $21 and cascades an awesome shadow on the ceiling, especially at night.

and, if you're sticking with an industrial look, DIY your own plumbing pipe curtain rod for a mere $15!

(tilt your head, the baskets are crooked... :)

hank's room underwent quite a transformation. one of the main features of his room is the silver maple laminate wood wall we installed to cover a chocolate brown feature wall painted by the previous owners.  as a result of my persistent skills in searching the used buy and sell site, we found brand new laminate still in box for less than 70 cents a square foot. enough to complete a feature wall in hank's room and eventually our playroom floor in the basement.

the install was a bit tedious due to gravity and inevitable nap times, but we got it done.  starting from the top, and working our way down, we used super strong wood adhesive and an air nailer.  it's, without a doubt, there forever. we capped the corners with flooring capping to give it a clean finish.

this little corner sees lots of snuggles at bedtime.  this $15 galvanized shelf from IKEA is great for small spaces and provides display for some of his (MY) favourite things. 

one of the most exciting features of his room, is a custom 2-storey nook in his closet. you can read more details on how we designed hank's nook here. it'll be transformed into a desk space when he's older. the novelty hasn't yet wore off, i always find him hiding in here playing with his flashlight, stuffies and books.

if you have any questions regarding this space, feel free to leave a comment!
thanks for stopping by!

in this corner: the dining room.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

in this corner is little sneak peek of what i'm up to decorating-wise. in this blog feature you'll find a simple little photo of a favourite corner of our home along with some details, sources, and inspiration. a fun feature to sustain me before the big room reveals!

in this corner...

we have a large wall in our dining space, just off our kitchen that needed some love. i had been coveting the IKEA Fabrikor since it was available.  i adore its colour, simplicity and style.  this old school inspired apothecary cabinet isn't limited to the bathroom. it makes the perfect dust-free home to a my favourite colourful cake plates, dessert plates, serving bowls and dishes, with a few adorable recipe books mixed in.  we especially love the lock and key that safely stows our pretty dishes away from little hands.  i was so excited to retrieve these goodies out of storage, tinker with the display, and probably will again and again...

above the cabinet, a thoughtful friend picked up these metal 3D EAT letters for me on clearance at target. a quick coat of gloss white spray paint and they add a little dimension and height to the vast wall.

my plan for the remainder of the wall is to design a similar grid of photo frames, like this pin, that spans floor to ceiling and a good width extending a little beyond our dining set on each side. i'm thinking of running with the white square IKEA Ribbas as they're the most affordable and i can get them in a big quantity.  purchasing a dozen frames at once is a wee bit pricey so we've been putting it off each month!  the photo frames will host our favourite family photos and instagrams.

i'm so glad to have a splash of colour to this well-used corner of our home.  it's also nice to see a little green atop our dining table in this little metal greenhouse.  where are you Spring?

fab five: stripes for spring.

Monday, March 3, 2014

well after this past week of -30 temperatures, i'm yearning for some Spring sunshine, melting snow, and outside play!  here's a quick little round-up of some favourite springtime stripes to stow away for when this chilly Winter finally comes to an end!  and, how adorable is that striped ruffly umbrella?

1  /  2  /  3  /  4  /  5 

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