Thursday, January 23, 2014

around the house: kid art archival.

one of the many organizational and memory keeping goals for 2014 is to properly archive our growing collection of kid art.  i'm just like my mom, i keep everything. i still actually have a leather portfolio filled with my art as i grew up!

around our house, we spend much of our time crafting, drawing and painting... and i like to start them young. our art collection is accumulating and the top of the container's lid barely shuts. it's time i did something about it.

i've collected three great ideas on how you can not only display your child's art but also archive it for keeps.

1. this idea is by far my favourite. who wouldn't love flipping through a book filled with their own artworks? the mini masterpieces photo book designed by paislee press is available through shutterfly. you can scan or take digital photos of your child's art and compile them in a book!  what a beautiful keepsake to complete every couple of years.  it would be so fun to have a library of them by the time your child is graduating!

2. Rebecca over at simple as that has designed a collection of easy to use digital templates for displaying a framed collage of favorite pieces of your child's art.   this idea would be great to swap the old with the new at the end of the school year!  here's a similar idea using a pre-matted frame and photos of the art pieces.

3. Artkive is a mobile app that lets you share, store and print your children's art. simply snap a photo and the app will automatically tag each image with your child's name, age, grade and date created.  you can also add a title or description.  when you've grown the collection, print a coffee table book or a keepsake mug for grandma with the click of a button!

during the school year, i use large flat labelled boxes from ikea to store each of my child's masterpieces.  i hope to set myself a timeline, and as a summer project, compile a book of preschool to grade one art pieces for volume I for my oldest.

do you have a special way you like to store or archive your child's art?

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