Friday, January 17, 2014

fab five: on my desk.

a few of my favourite goodies atop my desk space.  santa did some one-stop shopping at indigo and picked up a couple awesome treasures that have become part of my everyday.  and, mama treated herself to two goodies that simply make life better.

1. my most favourite Christmas gift this year is the Q & A a day for kids.  a three-year journal to document 1,095 conversations with your child.  hannah and i have been having so much fun with this book, and it's something special for us to do alone together each day.

2. who wasn't swooning over the kate spade collection at Chapters Indigo this past holiday season.  i'll take one of each please!  i was lucky enough to receive a couple essential list pads and a well-designed agenda.  santa knew i needed more floral in my life.

3. i am a bit of a picky mcpicknit (i just made that up! it's late...) when it comes to pens. i am loving the Pilot FriXion erasable gel-ink pens. these fancy styluses have thermo-sensitive gel ink that disappears with erasing friction. and they come in pretty colours too!

4. a favorite mug that holds an x-large tassimo. essential.

5. if you haven't yet discovered pixel paper hearts then head over to charisse's shop.  such an awesome selection of modern statement prints that'll perk up any space.  i ordered this one to go on my DIY plywood inspiration board which has made the short list.  see #2.

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