Wednesday, January 29, 2014

fab five: road trip round-up.

we're preparing for a few upcoming road trips. some will be rather loooong.  admittedly, i'm probably worse than the kids! i always want to stop for slushies and beef jerky 20 minutes out of the city limits.  i've been gathering some simple road trip activites and tips that'll most likely prove to be invaluable during the long haul when they're not consumed by the dvd trance!

1. wee road trip bingo: wee society

how about a friendly game of road trip bingo amongst passengers? first one to get a line or a blackout gets to pick the next movie or snack treat. wee society also has two awesome apps available for your littles; wee alphas and wee you-things. my kiddos love them!

2. road trip travel packs: design mom

fill your goodie bags with snacks, activities, little toys and games and bundle them up in a free printable package.  when you hit a certain milestone in your trip, for example, "travelled 100 km" or my favorite "had a 30 minute nap" your little passengers can open their surprise! 

3. activity bags: playful learning

playful learning has some fantastic ideas of what to toss in an activity bag for the road or airplane that'll keep your kiddos engaged and busy during those long stretches.  there are more great travel tips highlighted at the end of this post as well!

4. diy travel lap tray: prudent baby

if you have a knack for sewing and crafting, check out this diy travel lap tray from prudent baby complete with a magnetic baking sheet tray and zip-up pouch.  I'm thinking of improvising and making something similar using these laptop trays from ikea.

5. i spy on the road: iheartorganizing

i LOVE this simple little game of alphabet i spy.  we play i spy a lot when we're waiting in the car, at the doctor's office, or at gymnastics.  have your child spy something along your route that matches each letter of the alphabet! iheart organizing is packed full of great organizational and activity freebie printables.

safe travels!

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