freebies: I am wild about you valentine + free printable.

Friday, January 10, 2014

the next holiday on the calendar is Valentine's Day.  though i'm a little early with this one,  it'll be the first of a few valentine's treat ideas and free printables for your little one.

first up is a candy-free treat perfect for day home, preschool, or elementary age children.  my babes LOVE little animals.  hank has a collection of larger ones in his room he can't get enough of!  i've stepped on my fair share of rhinos and giraffes. i've designed a WILD and fresh valentine where you can easily attach your own little animal toy. 

what you need.

the how-to.

1. print your cards using this free download on heavy weight card stock.  they're four per page so print as many as you need.

2. trim your cards.

3. have your little one sign their name. i found this worked best before adding the animals :)

4. using an exacto knife, score the card along the pink marks on the card.

5. cut your twine in approximate 5 inch lengths. 

6. place your animal on the card. push through a peice of twine through the back of the card to the front, around the animal's belly, and back through the card.  i used a pencil tip to help push my twine through the little hole. tie a double knot to secure the animal as tightly as possible to the card.  not too tight or your paper will tear! trim your twine.


  1. This is great, am pinning it! Thanks for the share and freebie!! :)

    1. Thanks so much for the pin! Glad you love them!

  2. Pinned it here!

  3. I pinned this even though it is so cute I wanted to keep it a secret until Valentines :)

  4. Oh these are absolutely the cutest non-candy Valentines I've seen! Thank you!!!!! My daughter will definitely be taking these to her pre-k class.

    1. awesome! perfect for the preschoolers. my littles love those animals! thanks for your comment!

  5. Hi Sarah! I wondered if you could make the dropbox file available again...I love these! Thanks!

    1. hi there! the link hasn't been modified at all so it should still be available - can you try again? just let me know if you're still having troubles... thanks so much!

  6. I love these, I am having trouble with the link though. Is it necessary to have a Mac for the link or would it work on a PC?

  7. I pinned these and cannot wait to make them!! Thanks!! Such a cute idea!

  8. I'm getting these printed right now for my little guy's daycare and for my husband's Kindergarten class! Thank you so much!

  9. Just did these! They are so adorable!! Thank you!!!

  10. I wish I found these sooner! they're great! I'm saving for next year :)
    Thanks so much!!!!

  11. My daughter is an animal lover, and I know she will be so happy with this. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

  12. Hi Sarah, I absolutely adore this printable and wanted to let you know that I've included it in a DIY Valentine Inspiration round-up on my blog, Shelley Makes:

    I love your blog - thanks for sharing =)


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