Tuesday, January 14, 2014

freebies: you are out of this world valentine + free printable.

round two of valentine's day treat ideas for your little sweetheart...  

we picked up a pack of these bouncy balls, five for a dollar, at our local dollar store.  my kids always love to play with these and make up their own games to go along.  they're always a great, inexpensive candy-free toy for party favours or treat bags.  

these colourful balls have a swirly, marbled pattern resembling planets, which my 6 year old is currently obsessed with so i've designed a space-themed printable tag to top off a little bouncy ball bag.

what you need.

the how to.

1. print your bag tags using this free download on heavyweight card stock. they're four per page so print as many as you need.

2. trim your bag tags.

3. have your little one sign their name.  i found this worked best before folding and attaching to the bags.

4. stuff your bags with the balls.

5. fold your bag tags in half.

6. slip the bag between the folded tag and add one staple to each side to secure the tag.

7. make your valentine's heart bounce!