Wednesday, January 8, 2014

in this corner: hank's big boy room.

the last time we moved to a new home, we had one two year old. this summer we moved with 3.  though the move wasn't far, managing three little ones along with facilitating a move with no family near was a little stressful.  luckily, we have a great group of supportive and eager friends willing to help at the drop of a dime!

settling in a new home with three is also a little, well, overwhelming. we're still sorting, organizing, planning, and decorating... however, i think this time, we're taking it much more slowly and enjoying the process.  we complete projects and work on rooms when our budget and time permits. often when you work hard and wait for things, it's that much more gratifying.

i can honestly say only one room in our entire home is "complete", our main living room.  a few others are only needing a few small details, and some remain untouched.  why is the master bedroom always last on the list? i am bumping it up to the top for 2014!


this brings me to my next blog feature called "in this corner".  those that follow me on instagram, know i love posting a little sneak peek of what i'm up to decorating-wise. in this feature, i'm going to post a simple little photo of a favourite corner of our home along with some details, sources, and inspiration. i think it'll be a fun feature to sustain me before the big room reveals!

and in this corner...

hank's big boy room.

my most favourite room in our home. hank's room is tiny but it carries big personality.

when we moved in, he had a deep chocolate brown feature wall.  rather than the daunting task of painting over it, my hubs obliged to installing beautiful grey laminate on the entire wall.  we found the left over laminate new in box on kijiji for less than 70 cents per square foot!  with adhesive and his air nailer, he got busy and had it finished in two days {gravity was not his friend}.

hanging on the wood above his bed is a big giant white lacquer rhino. we picked this bad boy up even before we moved in. on the wall hangs two wire baskets, hung on their bottoms, they make the perfect industrial-style shelving for stuffies, books and toys!

one of my most favorite elements of the room has to be the pinterest-inspired plumbing pipe curtain rod made for less than $15! i fell in love with a set of boldly printed cream and grey drapes that add the perfect punch to this sweet little corner.

source list.

silver grey maple wood laminate: kijiji, second hand
white lacquer rhino: urban barn
wire baskets: winners
plumbing pipe curtain rod: home depot
drapes: winners clearance
paint: cumulous cloud, martha stewart

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