Thursday, January 30, 2014

in this corner: my mini office space.

my office space downsized by about three-quarters when we moved, but i think the size of the space i have now is perfect.  much of what i had before was unused and more for display of things, and the extra square footage didn't really provide any added function.

as you walk downstairs to our basement, you're greeted by this colourful niche. my desk space lives around the staircase corner, so what you're seeing in this photo is right behind me as i work, blog and pin.

the focal point of this space is the painting. a 30 x 40 abstract by moi. back in october, my birthday month, my motto was "just go for it".  i went wild and chopped my bangs, started another new class at the gym, and threw caution to the wind, and painted. it felt so good to be unrestrained by my own insecurities and stubbornness. to feel free and confident that i could do anything i set my mind to.  i wasn't completely in love with my piece... but i didn't hate it either. and the meaning behind it is SO much greater than the actual canvas itself. i am proud of it.

behind the canvas, we painted stripes. by we, i mean, he did the number-crunching, and i did the work. our entire home is painted a builder greige (it reads a little more taupe in these photos) i've had to accept that this is the colour we have to work with since it's such a big space!

below the canvas, a portion of my vintage camera collection resides on another IKEA picture ledge. luckily our IKEA sideboard fit perfectly in this niche and is home to a display of pretty little things like books, vases, and faux flowers. the lamps have been in the guest room, master bedroom, storage, and now they finally found a permanent home. i love repurposing things.  the sideboard is packed full of my office supplies, paper, and my wireless printer - so handy!   i love this little creative corner in my home.

source list.

sideboard: ikea
lamps: homesense
painting: DIY
picture ledge: ikea
cameras: thrifted, etsy
the little things: homesense, indigo, ikea


  1. Oh, Sarah, your painting is just beautiful! And of course I love the meaning behind it :) Love these 'in this corner' posts, you're inspiring me to do something similar on my blog. I find I'm always worrying so much about things being "done" that I never end up posting anything! Nothing like progress and a pretty corner to get you motivated again.

    Thanks, as usual, for the inspiration/motivation. xo!

    1. thanks so much Christine! I wanted to figure out a way to post projects and bits of our home without having to complete a never-ending to-do list. I think this is the perfect little blog feature to do just that. i think it keeps me motivated around here as well! i am excited to see what you're up to, especially in Alice's big girl room and for baby on the way! xo

  2. new follower her! love your blog! so inspiring!