Monday, January 13, 2014

let's get crafty: Lego Man display clipboard. part 1.

this Christmas, i had the opportunity of purchasing a bag full of Lego men to support a local fundraiser. everything from a chef to a peg-legged pirate. After spotting a few neat ways to display Lego men on Pinterest, I came up with my own idea for Hank's room.  I didn't want to have anything permanent on the wall, and wanted him to be able to play with the little men and change the display as he grows. 

the clipboards were $1.25 each at my local dollar store, and nabbed a handful of white blocks from our Lego collection.  i added 9 blocks to each of my clipboards, and made two for hank's room.  part two of this post will show you how i incorporated the clipboards in his room along with this awesome Lego patent poster I finally ordered from Society6! 

what you need.
  • lego men
  • lego blocks {size and colour of your choice}
  • clipboard
  • gorilla super glue
  • ruler
  • mini level
  • pencil

the how-to.

1. depending how many blocks you wish to add to your display, measure out an equal grid for placement of the blocks. mark the clipboard with your pencil indicating where the placement of each blocks middle would be.

2. add super glue to the back of your block and carefully place it on it's mark. continue with the next block, using your ruler and mini level each time ensuring your placement is on the mark.  continue on with each block until your grid is formed.

3. let dry over night. 

4. add your arrangement of Lego men.  

5. hang on nail to display.

i wonder what he'll be when he grows up? 
a police man... a pilot... a handyman? 
for now, he thinks he's part dinosaur.