Thursday, January 9, 2014

ramblings: my one word.

i've been pondering "my one word" for 2014.  a word that sustains motivation, inspiration, love and happiness.  in the kitchen last night after a quick chat with my hubs, i think i had it pegged all along.

FOCUS. there are many other words that trigger my direction and my drive but i think being focused is key in all aspects of my life.  there's a big background to 2013 that led me back to blogging. {perhaps someday i'll be vulnerable enough to share it} And, in 2014 i need to remain focused, whether it's time with family, domestic duties, or at my desk.

when you focus on everything, you focus on nothing. 

when i'm at my desk, i need not feel guilty. there IS time to focus on what i love to do and what keeps my creative fire burning.  i need to remember everyone around me benefits when my spirit is alive.  i'm going to hone in on why i love to be creative, to design, to inspire... and not become distracted by self-doubt or comparison.

as an artist, there comes a pile of self-doubt. once i get the ball rolling on something good, i tend to second-guess myself and develop a lack of confidence in what i'm doing. i have hope that remaining focused will put a wall between that characteristic and the good thing i have going and as a result, help me grow personally and professionally.

when it comes time for family, i'm going to continue to be 100% present. they deserve it. and i owe that to myself. our focus will be on having tons of fun, trying new things, going new places, and making fresh memories.

we are what we repeatedly do. - aristotle

when you build momentum and forge ahead with the right objectives and purpose, you are ultimately choosing joy. whether it's motherhood, love, or work.  unplugging regularly will restore composure and focus, and help remind me of my passion and purpose.  {i often reach out to my words board on pinterest to help me!}


perhaps "ain't nothing going to break my stride" should be my blogging motto this year.  i want my goals and objectives to remain clear.  to keep doing what i love to do simply because i love to do it. to be authentic. vulnerable. and joyous in all that i do.  mom. wife. friend. designer. blogger.  instead of making it more complex than it needs to be, i'm just going to let it all fall into place.

what's your one little word for 2014?


  1. Can my word just be "ditto" cause I second pretty much everything you said here. Thanks for always being such an amazing source of inspiration, Sarah!

    1. Yes - ditto! Thanks so much Christine. I'm so grateful to have such an awesome source of motivation, support and love through the instagram and blogging world. I am so excited for 2014!

  2. I can relate one hundred percent to this post! 100% let's keep each other focused, okay? and keep each other moving right along....great post!

  3. I can relate this post so well! You have pretty much hit the nail on the head! Selfishly, I am glad you have made time to focus on blogging too, you are such a source of motivation and inspiration for me :)
    My word for 2014 is reach. Outside my comfort zone and beyond what I can imagine. Here's to an incredible 2014, friend :D