Wednesday, January 1, 2014

style boards: our new play space.

we moved into a new-to-us home this past summer and we're slowly but surely getting settled.  it's always a fun process dreaming up new ideas and projects for each space, one of my most favourite pastimes. i plan to show tidbits of each area of our home as we work through DIY projects and room design.  budget definitely drives our room designs. i love the challenge of brainstorming pocket-friendly projects that give a custom, personalized, and polished feel to the room.

our entire home has a very open layout, including a finished basement with a combined family/media room and play space.  since we don't have a tv on our main floor, this family room is well-used, especially in the winter!  the cozy playspace is approximately 120 square feet and is where our three play, build, and read.  luckily, for added activity and toy storage, we have a shelved double closet that plays host to bins of pet shops, hot wheels, puzzles and marble track.

i'm not quite certain the room as an overall "theme".  there's bits of super heros, faux taxidermy, colour and pattern sprinkled about with a mix of modern and natural furniture pieces.  i definitely wanted the play space to flow with the media area and came up with this style board to get the ball rolling...

fresh nostalgia kid's place space from

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