Tuesday, February 25, 2014

freebies: it's your lucky day, friend + free printable.

we're back from a week away!  a very long road trip down south to the mountains with my four favourite people brought me back refreshed and motivated. despite a slow start back due to a lingering chest cold, i'm thinking ahead to the next holiday, and i've designed this adorable st. patrick's day printable perfect for class treats.

what you need.

free it's your lucky day, friend printable
white cardstock for printing
patterned or coloured cardstock for pocket
chocolate gold coins
hot glue or glue stick

the how-to.

1. print this free it's your lucky day, friend card and pocket template on white cardstock paper
2. trim your cards and pocket template
3. using the pocket template, trim your pockets from the patterned or coloured cardstock
4. fold your pocket flaps under
5. using hot glue or a glue stock, paste the pocket to the card by lining the flap's backsides with glue
6. tuck your gold coin inside the pocket
7. spread the luck!