Friday, February 7, 2014

let's get crafty: DIY floating triangle mobile.

i'm finishing up a few small crafty projects for hank's room this week and one item on my list that i wanted to try was a simple mobile design.  this corner of his room craved a little colour and texture against the wood wall, and rather than hanging art on this beautiful wall, i think a mobile is a good substitute.

i used the UrbanWalls black triangle decals in hank's closet loft and extended them beyond that cozy little space to create a floating triangle mobile from felt i already had on hand.  the mobile hangs using a kikkerland hanging photo clip mobile i had picked up for hank's nursery. all you require are a sewing machine and basic sewing skills for this nap time project.

what you need.

triangle template found here
felt, assorted colours
photo display mobile or similar
{ as an alternative you could tie the strands to an embroidery hoop }
sewing machine

the how-to.

1. using the triangle template i've designed, download and print the template. Trim your triangle shape.

2. depending on how many triangles you desire for each strand, cut your triangles from your felt. 
i used 5 strands of 4 triangles and 5 strands of 3 triangles for a total of 35 triangles.

    3. place your triangles out in a pattern for each strand.

    4. sew your strands.

    1. begin to sew your first triangle from tip to bottom.
    2. if you'd like your triangles spaced apart on the strand as i have done, once you have reached the bottom of each triangle, sew a little space by counting the number of times the needle plunges.  i left a gap of 8 needle plunges which left approximately a 3/4 inch gap between each triangle.
    3. sew the next triangle following the above steps.
    4. once you've sewn your last triangle simply pull your strand and trim leaving enough thread to tie a knot at the bottom of the strand.

    5. continue to sew all of your strands.

    6. trim the tops and knot and trim the bottoms of each strand.

    7. clip each strand to your mobile.
    8. hang, look up, and enjoy!

    ps. using this method, experiment with different shapes or materials, such as patterned cardstock. sewing paper is even easier than sewing felt!