Tuesday, February 4, 2014

let's get crafty: modern pom pom bouquet.

we're beginning to bring together our guest room and i've been pinning a few ideas to get the ball rolling.  i especially loved the styling of this bedside table along with the washi tape polaroids in bold coloured frames and that amazing light fixture. i adore that little bunch of yellow in the vintage jar and thought it'd come up with something similar for our guest room.

admittedly, there are some days i live for naptime and quiet time.  i luckily have one that still loves his naps and another that is great at independent play, sitting down with me for a crafternoon, or watching a show when mama needs some quiet. these chilly temps have us hibernating part of the day and i love to keep busy with projects and crafts. this project only takes a half hour at most!

i received a fun package from my friend cindy at confetti & sparkle party shop last week which included a wool felt ball garland kit just in time for valentine's day.  i had enough balls leftover for another craft and put them to use to create a modern pom pom bouquet.

what you need.
  • a dozen wool felt pom poms/balls
  • bamboo skewers
  • gold spray paint
  • styrofoam or a box to hold skewers for painting
  • jar or vase

the how-to.
  1. insert your skewers into the foam or box an inch or so apart for easy coverage while spray painting.
  2. spray paint your skewers and let dry.  they seemed to dry rather fast!
  3. insert your the pointed tip of your skewer with a little force and twisting into the felt ball.
  4. display your grouping of pom pom flowers in your jar.

you could also add little felt leaves for your pom pom flowers or embellish your container with ribbon or twine. AND, is it just me, or does every single thing look awesome painted gold?! even that scrap piece of foam looks divine.  i'm obsessed!

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