Wednesday, February 12, 2014

say cheese: january 2014.

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january flew by. the weather was all over the place but those chinooks are certainly appreciated and taken advantage of. we managed to add a few things to our jar of awesome such as hannah's first report card and hazel's potty training success... that was a long haul!  and our monthly road trip took us to my husband's grandparents where we soaked in card games, warm apple pie, and mountain fresh air. looking back on my collection of photos surely makes me appreciate every waking moment i have in life.  and with these beautiful people of mine. i don't want to waste a minute.

one of my favourite blogs to read is amillionlittleloves.  her words trigger emotions and actions that are often overlooked due to a busy and sometimes chaotic life. it's encouraged me to reflect and soak it all in. and keep me on the track of my one little word for 2014.

we're already half way through a very chilly february and excited to take a big adventure down south. see you when we return!

happy february!

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