Saturday, March 22, 2014

in this corner: hannah's room. part 2.

in this corner is little sneak peek of what i'm up to decorating-wise. in this blog feature you'll find a simple little photo of a favourite corner of our home along with some details, sources, and inspiration. a fun feature to sustain me before the big room reveals!

in this corner...

when our home was built, the bonus room space was used for a fourth bedroom, and laundry room.  hannah's room is big and bright, with a beautiful large window and spacious closet for storage.

behind her entrance door is an odd nook that we've slowly customized. we've added sweet little details to make this little corner cute and functional.  these creative personalized additions don't cost much at all but they're often what makes a room special.  hannah was proud to have input and a hand in making her space her own by helping me with these little projects.

the scalloped chalkboard decal from UrbanWalls is the perfect addition to my budding artist's corner.  she loves to doodle and write messages on it daily.  a handy coral tin bucket hanging on a tea cup hook holds her chalk.  above is a colourful hipster kitten print i discovered on pinterest. beside, i created a glitter card stock 'be happy' bunting using a template i designed, printed, and cropped.  i'll be providing a free template for this bunting this week! and below, a collage of four photos of my hannah being herself, silly and quirky.  we had so much fun with the camera one afternoon and snapped about 50 photos of her and her many faces.  all of these details hang using my favourite gold washi tape from confetti and sparkle party shop.

on the adjacent wall, i picked up two wooden boxes from the dollar store and gave them a quick coat of paint; white on the exterior and turquoise on the interior.  i hung them staggered on the wall and backed them with a few leftover UrbanWalls metallic mini dot decals. the boxes are home to her momiji wooden doll collection.  we dressed up one box with a colorful felt ball garland.  and above hangs a large poster from inkycreative. i had printed at costco. a fun pairing for her handmade paper mache unicorn.

see another corner in hannah's room here.

with only a few small details left to complete in this room, it'll be ready for a tour soon...


  1. so cute! the wall colour is so refreshing, just perfect for a bedroom. great work mama! :)