in this corner: the dining room.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

in this corner is little sneak peek of what i'm up to decorating-wise. in this blog feature you'll find a simple little photo of a favourite corner of our home along with some details, sources, and inspiration. a fun feature to sustain me before the big room reveals!

in this corner...

we have a large wall in our dining space, just off our kitchen that needed some love. i had been coveting the IKEA Fabrikor since it was available.  i adore its colour, simplicity and style.  this old school inspired apothecary cabinet isn't limited to the bathroom. it makes the perfect dust-free home to a my favourite colourful cake plates, dessert plates, serving bowls and dishes, with a few adorable recipe books mixed in.  we especially love the lock and key that safely stows our pretty dishes away from little hands.  i was so excited to retrieve these goodies out of storage, tinker with the display, and probably will again and again...

above the cabinet, a thoughtful friend picked up these metal 3D EAT letters for me on clearance at target. a quick coat of gloss white spray paint and they add a little dimension and height to the vast wall.

my plan for the remainder of the wall is to design a similar grid of photo frames, like this pin, that spans floor to ceiling and a good width extending a little beyond our dining set on each side. i'm thinking of running with the white square IKEA Ribbas as they're the most affordable and i can get them in a big quantity.  purchasing a dozen frames at once is a wee bit pricey so we've been putting it off each month!  the photo frames will host our favourite family photos and instagrams.

i'm so glad to have a splash of colour to this well-used corner of our home.  it's also nice to see a little green atop our dining table in this little metal greenhouse.  where are you Spring?


  1. I just had a friend build me the exact same dining table. It was delivered today and we love it! We seem to have similar tastes and I'm so happy to have found your blog! Can't wait for some room reveals in the future :)

  2. Lovely! I love the Fabrikor (sadly, I have no place to put it), and I've always loved Crate & Barrel's Big Sur table (this looks similar)! You have such talent for putting things together.


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