Tuesday, March 25, 2014

let's get crafty: our pet flamingo, fifi.

meet fifi. hannah's very own pet flamingo. she doesn't say much and she's terrible at fetch, but she's definitely a cheerful accessory to hannah's room.  my 6 year old gets these ideas, and often, can't let them go. we really wanted a puppy but my allergies are much too terrible. we agreed on fish to celebrate the last day of school before summer... but meanwhile, hannah wanted a flamingo. she had already crafted a paper collar and hat for her future pet, but this is the best i could do.

my heart skipped a beat when i spotted these pink glitter flamingos for yard decoration at our local dollar store. they'd be so awesome as a centrepiece at a summer party!  here's how you can make your own standing flamingo!

what you need.

plastic flamingo yard accessory
{double rad if you can get your hands on a  glittered one, or glitter your own!}
two wooden dowels: dollar store or michaels
wooden base: michaels
spray paint
washi tape
a drill and bit the same diameter of the dowel
hot glue
spray adhesive: elmer's from walmart or michaels

the how-to.

1. to measure the holes for your base and dowels, insert the metal legs into your flamingo, and mark your base at the two points where you will drill your dowel holes.

2. choose a drill bit that is close to the same diameter of the dowel's tip and drill holes in the base about 1/2 inch deep. make sure your drill bit isn't too large as it'll make your flamingo a little wobbly.

3. you'll likely have to increase the size of the holes on the flamingo's belly to fit your dowels. using the same bit, drill through the holes on the flamingo to increase their size.

4. spray paint your dowel legs and base.  i chose metallic gold and lime green.  let dry completely.

5. i added glitter stripes to the dowel legs by taping off equal alternating sections with washi tape.  i sprayed this portion of the dowel with spray adhesive and rolled the dowel through a paper plate of glitter.  let dry and remove washi tape to reveal the glitter striped socks.

6. add a little hot glue in the base holes and insert the dowels.  let dry.

7. carefully insert the dowels into the belly of the flamingo.  my dowels slid all the way up and inside to the back to ensure she's sturdy.  add a little hot glue under the belly around the dowel to secure in place.

8. give your flamingo a name and a home!