Monday, June 23, 2014

freebies: a summer journal kit for classmates + free printables.

the school year is coming to an end this week and we couldn't be more excited around here!  i can't wait for lazy mornings without a rush to the bus stop or packing the same ol' lunch every day.  time for fun in the sun!

a friend gave me a call this past week asking whether i had any ideas for a unique class gift for her son. her boy and my oldest are much alike.  they love to draw, write, and read.  on the spot, i thought of an educational and encouraging idea and got to creating...

i love flipping through my daughter's journals.  her little stories, songs and drawings are so sweet, especially at this age as she's learning to creative write and document activities and events.  i'll be motivating her throughout the summer to journal our adventures, whether they be a mad dash to the ice cream truck or a road trip through the mountains.

i've designed a colourful popsicle-themed label and tag to accompany the gift of a journal, pen and pencil to make the perfect year end treat for classmates.  not only is this gift for classmates useful, but also, inexpensive, costing less than $1 per student.

while i realize the school year has already ended for our friends south, i thought i'd offer this gift idea and printable to stow away for next year...

and, i also came across these summer journal prompts on pinterest that will be great to spark ideas! visit my summertime fun board on pinterest for more great fun-filled summer activities!

the supplies.

journals or notebooks
pencils and pens
large popsicle sticks
twine or ribbon
hole punch
hot glue gun
white cardstock paper
avery label paper 5163 {10 per page}
printable popsicle journal tag
printable popsicle journal label

the how-to.
  1. print your journal tags on white cardstock paper and journal labels on avery 5163 labels which come 10 per page.
  2. trim the popsicle journal tags. have your child sign each tag, if you choose.
  3. hot glue the popsicle journal tags to the popsicle sticks
  4. stick your labels onto the journals.
  5. i used inexpensive hilroy ruled exercise books which easily rolled up and held in place with an elastic. 
  6. tuck your pen and pencil into the elastic or tie your pen and pencil to the journal if you are not rolling.
  7. hole punch the popsicle tag and tie to the journal, pen and pencil bundle with twine or ribbon.

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