Tuesday, May 19, 2015

freebies: what will they remember?

although i don't blog much anymore, i thought this printable was worth my time to design and to share.

i've been adapting a new mantra that I learned from a new friend…

"what will they remember?"

i have it on a little 4 x 6 card on my gallery wall and it's the first thing i'll see when i wake up each day. i want them to always remember how hard I try to give them a life full of little moments and how hard i love them.

rather than getting caught up in the busy of life, wishing and waiting for a break, a trip, an occasion, the next stage, the next phase…  we NEED to be present and grasp onto those little morsels of time we have in between, hug them tightly, fill them with colour, beauty, smiles, imagination and adventure, and devour them for what they are.

i will enjoy the small things. they will remember them. 

here's a little printable for you to enjoy.  it prints two per page so hang one by your bedside, on your mirror, on your fridge, in your pantry… even in your car, as a reminder to enjoy those little things and make the most of your everyday. we only get one chance.

+ download the "what will they remember?" printable in pdf
+ download the "what will they remember?" printable in jpg

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