Thursday, March 17, 2016

around the house: hannah's new digs.

I'll preface this post by noting on this blog you won't find perfect photography, well lit spaces or precise flat lays.  I hope to get my projects across without having the pressure of perfection.  That being said, the following tour of my 8 year old's new room are photos I've taken with my iPhone and posted to Instagram.  Reason being, this room definitely no longer looks so neat and tidy.  If you have a 7, 8, or 9 year old, you will know that they like to KEEP everything.  They are not tidy little people!  And, it would have taken me a day to clean and stage it, which I simply couldn't justify.  She can clean her own room! ;)

Now, let's get to it...

This room was an absolutely joy to design and decorate.  Hannah turned 8 last Summer and for her birthday she got a new room fit for her.  Like many 8 year olds, she LOVES minecraft, beanie boos, pokemon... and she's not a fan of the typical colours for girls rooms, the pinks and purples.  I wanted to create a space that allowed her to grow, hang out with her friends, host sleepovers, and function for privacy.  And without being too theme-driven, incorporate elements of her current favourites that I can easily swap out as her tastes evolve.  Fostering and encouraging individuality, and translating it into her space has made her more comfortable and confident to be herself.

the verbal tour.

Her room is the largest in our home so I had a lot of square footage to play with. 

The full size loft bed is the IKEA STORA .  Since the ceiling height on our upper floor is 8 feet we actually cut 8 inches off the wooden bed posts and ladder before building it.  It landed up being right at the first rung on the loft's ladder so it worked so well.

Above the bed, I installed a RANARP wall lamp for late night reading and comfort.  A cute hook holds her headphones.

Under the bed hosts an IKEA SOLSTA which folds out to a bed, great for sister and friend sleepovers.  I designed a fun wall gallery with some special artwork, photographs, pin board and metals, and an IKEA Ranarp for a reading light.  

I thrifted four of the wooden stools for $5 off our community buy and sell website.  I sanded and painted the tops grey.  These provide some additional seating for the space, and serve the purpose of a side table. 

For display, I used the ever-popular IKEA photo ledges to display her collection of wooden dolls and Minecraft figures.  The square IKEA MALMA mirrors for $2 each are such a fun additional to this block-building inspired space.  A metal storage basket is home to a growing collection of beanie boos.

Wire baskets on the wall filled with a collection of favorite reads and stuffies.  You can usually find these sturdy baskets in the pantry storage area of Homesense.  They're a fun, unconventional way to provide accessible storage. 

A desk space for homework, creative writing, Lego building and drawing borders the opposing wall. Above are two retro-inspired Minecraft posters I picked up on deep discount from Michael's.  The cubed shelf provides storage and displays her most prized possessions like her painted ceramics, seashells, books and figurines.  

source list.

paint colour - Evening White, Benjamin Moore
ceiling light - IKEA KNAPPA 
reading lights - IKEA RANARP 
drapes -  Homesense
loft bed - IKEA STORA 
mini couch - IKEA SOLSTA
cushions - IKEA  
headphone hook - Anthropologie
stools/side tables - Thrifted, DIY
conversation table - Homesense
rug - Walmart
baskets - Homesense
frames - Walmart
pinboard - Target
canvas artwork - Homesense
display ledges - IKEA RIBBA photo ledge
mirrors - IKEA MALMA
shelf - IKEA KALLAX 
desk - IKEA ALEX
chair - IKEA, discontinued
posters/frames - Michaels
minecraft rules artwork - etsy, discontinued
bunny artwork - etsy, DesignClaud
shine bright like a diamond print - DIY, freebie coming soon!