Wednesday, March 16, 2016

spaces: the nook.

Another favourite space to share.  In our last home, we were lucky to have a large utility room for ample storage, which freed up the space under our stairs.  The square footage and ceiling height was actually considerable for a space such as this, so I maximized it by creating a cute and cozy nook for my girls.  Oh I miss it!  We do have a carpeted space under our stairs in our current home but my kids are growing like weeds and sadly, I'm uncertain that a nook is that feasible any longer.  Enjoy the tour!

we finished our garage this past year and it freed storage space under our basement stairs.  growing up, i fondly remember playing for hours, surrounded by unfinished walls beneath our stairs. Christmas lights strung, a pile of colouring books, and my special dolls - it was one of my favorite spots.  it motivated me to create a cute, creative space for the girls to read, colour, dress up and play.

simple white walls, some inexpensive adhesive carpet tiles, repurposed furniture and a little DIY went a long way.  my favourite addition are the awesome gold dot decals from urban walls that add playfulness to a plain white wall.

the nook is lit with white SKOJIG wall lamps from ikea.  i love these lights.  they're easy for the girls to turn on and off with a push of a button and the light is soft and concealed. luckily we had installed two electrical boxes before drywall with the intention of someday using this space for something other than storage.

a little tin valentine's mailbox picked up from superstore is always stuffed full of pet shops and secret notes.  above is a display of framed kid art hung over a block of mint paint.

the cozy lounging corner is layered with a pile of comfy, colourful pillows with favourite books in arm's reach hosted in a BEKVAM spice rack.  old canvases covered in TIDNY fabric are waiting to be coloured with fabric markers.

a toy storage cubby repurposed from my girls' closet organizing special play things and dress-up accessories.  i hung a tension rod to hang a no-sew patterned curtain to back the shelf.

their favourite, a dress-up closet packed with old halloween costumes and some thrifted from community garage sales, complete with a basket overflowing with hats, wigs, wings and wands.

we are moving this summer to another home and this little nook will definitely be missed. our new home does have a finished space under the stairs so perhaps, someday, another secret space will be created.

happy weekend!