Tuesday, March 15, 2016

around the house: a room for two.

hello again.  slowly but surely, my blog is being revived.  i thought i would begin by sharing some of my most popular posts from the past from my retired blog, daffodil design.

i have a true love for interior decorating and design... and while my style is constantly evolving, each space i have created for my children, holds a special place in my heart.  reading these posts from the past definitely bring a sense of nostalgia and a flood of emotions.

i should mention, now that we have been in our new home for nearly 3 years, and despite the fact that the girls have their own rooms just for them, they still have sleepovers... every. single. night.

my most popular post, by far, is my girls' shared room in our last home.  this room was decorated over 4 years ago, anticipating the arrival of our third baby - which feels like forever ago!  below you'll find details from my original post and a full source list for the space.

my girls' shared room.
they're eagerly anticipating their first sleepover.
my hazel still sleeps in the nursery...
but the transition is coming very soon.
nothing but sweet dreams in this colourful, cozy room.

a mix of old and new. vintage and modern.
just girly enough.
personalized just for them with many handmade treasures i crafted during my pregnancy.
i adore their big glowing faces above their beds.
a wall of never ending stories on display.
pink houndstooth quilts made by grandma hollie.
cuddly pinwheel bedding.
a window seat to gaze at the ducks in the pond and the puppies on the path.
a pile of handmade pillows for cuddling... or fights :)
a wall of collectibles low enough to reach from the bed.
a button monogram. pinned it and did it.
a handmade pin board for special photographs and drawings.
a ceiling of colourful poms.

a room they'll grow in.

and now for a mini tour...

source list.

beds - millbrook iron bed in vintage white, restoration baby & child
pinwheel bedding - restoration baby & child
pink houndstooth quilt - linen & thread
yellow & white suzani pillows - made by grandma

nightstand - homesense

window bench - IKEA LACK shelf turned sideways, 2 CAPITA leg kits
window bench cushion - made by me; 3 inch foam camping mattress trimmed and batted with cotton, sewn cover
storage baskets - homesense
pink suitcases - homesense
striped pink, white felt, felted kite, ruffled parade pillow - made by me
green chevron pillow - made by grandma
knit dollies - pottery barn kids, no longer available
polka dot sheers - restoration baby & child clearance
silver ball drapery rod - walmart

monogram H - - restoration baby & child
book ledges - IKEA RIBBA photo ledges
large frames - IKEA VIRSERUM
wall night lights - IKEA ARSTID wall light

stuffy storage bin - dwell studio paper doll collection, raspberry kids
stuffies shown - monster factory collection, babybot

tissue poms - etsy

collection display shelf - winners clearance
knit stuffies {owls and birds} pottery barn kids, no longer available
stuff doll on book ledge and collection display shelf - warm sugar, etsy

embroidery hoop button monogram - made by me, pinterest
embroidery hoop pin board - made by me

bubble gum blowing contest canvas - homesense, a long, long time ago

photos of the girls - photographed by me, printed at www.posterjack.ca
photo backdrops - quilts from linen & thread

paint color - dishwater, general paints {# unknown}


window bench cushion - taza tarika in yellow by dena designs
parade pillow and pink polka dot ruffle - sarah jane
green chevron - premier prints
yellow suzani - premier prints
pink stripe - premier prints
kite pillow- scrap linen and wool felt


  1. And hello to you too! Happy to see your blog pop up on my feedly reader after all this time. That was a beautiful space you created for your girls.

  2. SO PUMPED to see your blog back up on my blog feeder!!!
    Gorgeous light, airy and pretty. Sigh.