Thursday, March 31, 2016

DIY projects: mini wool felt faux air plants

I'll admit, my green thumb is lacking.  I love these mini wool felt faux air plants I've been crafting and thought I'd share a simple tutorial on how to create your own. I have them scattered about my home and they add a little green to special spots and corners.  I especially love the air plant magnets displayed on my metal wall art, fridge, and magnet board in our mudroom

the supplies.

+ small wood blocks or spheres; you can usually find these at Michael's or you can make your own
+ drill, drill bits; size is dependant on block size, i use a 5/8 bit for my magnet blocks and a 7/8 for my larger blocks
+ pencil
+ painters tape
+ acrylic paint or wood stain
+ foam brush
+ scissors
+ green wool felt
+ hot glue gun
+ round magnets

the how-to.

1. Gather up your supplies and heat up your glue gun.

2. Measure and mark the mid point of your block.  Drill your hole into the block approximately one half inch deep.

3. Paint or stain your block.  I chose to mask half my block with painters tape to give my block a dipped look.  It will take a couple coats.  Let fully dry before handling.

4. Cut a strip of wool felt approximately 3 to 3.5 inches wide and 10 inches long {for the larger blocks}

5, 6. Fringe your wool felt by cutting long narrow slits into your wool felt, cutting a triangled tip.  Be sure not to cut all the way through so your strip remains in one piece.

7. Begin to tightly roll the bottom of your plant. Once you've rolled your plant, put a dab of hot glue to hold it together.

8. Put a few drops of hot glue into the block's hole and insert the rolled end of the plant. Turn upside down, then right side up and fluff.

the how-to.  magnets.

I chose to use a smaller block for my magnets.  In addition to drilling a half inch hole for my faux air plant, I also drilled a hole on the back side for the magnet. Since you will want your magnet to be flush with the block, I drilled the hole by trial and error, drilling a little, testing the magnet, then drilling again until the magnet was flush with the block. Attach the magnet into the hole by using a couple dabs of hot glue, or, for additional strength, gorilla glue.

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