Sunday, March 20, 2016

freebies: DIY spring-themed watercolor digital art + free printable

Here's another post from the archives I wrote for my guest contribution for Mom Advice. I tried something new by painting a Spring-themed watercolor and transformed the elements from my painting into digital art.  Download the free printable!

I want to push my creativity this year by trying new things, and also dig back into a few hobbies I’ve loved in the past. Growing up, I had a huge collection of coloring books, crayons, pencil crayons and markers. When I wasn’t playing outside, I spent the majority of my time coloring and drawing.

Now, as a mom of 3, I’m known as the walking coloring book. If they want a specific picture to color, I draw it for them with a sharpie. It’s so fun sharing a small talent with my children, and having them thoroughly appreciate it. I don’t draw nearly enough, and it’s something I’d love to do more of this year.

Painting is always a craft that frightened me. When I threw caution to the wind last October and created this piece, I realized I need to let go a little more when it comes to art. Color outside the lines, think outside the box, and let my heart do more of the work rather than my steady hand. I’ve lost a little of that since growing up, being a digital designer you become fixated on pixels and perfection. Painting frees me and creating a perfectly imperfect pieces is so satisfying.

I began my piece by sketching the drawing out one evening at my desk. The next afternoon, using a beautiful palette of colors from Michaels and a few small pointed brushes, I got right to it. It kept having to remind myself… “add more water” “less saturated color” “less is more”…


Using this amazing tutorial from Jones Design Company, I wanted to take a stab at watercolor and turn it into digital artwork. In doing so, I think I’ve developed a new hobby. My girls and I sat by the table and painted together, it was quiet and so relaxing.

Once it was complete, I scanned my watercolor at 600 dpi and cropped the elements in Photoshop piecing them together on a new art board. Once I had the placement right, I added the perfect springtime quote using my text tool. It did take quite a bit of playing and test prints to choose the right font. I saved my final artwork as a PDF and JPEG.

And, there you have it, my very first watercolor + digital print and I’m sharing it with you, free! Download and hang this print in a special place as a sweet reminder warmer temps are just around the corner! Enjoy!