Monday, March 21, 2016

let's get crafty: upcycled ikea-hack $5 lemonade stand

Now that I have a new public Instagram account @sarahmstyleyyc, I decided to join in on the fun of a few of the creative challenges floating about.  The one that caught my eye is the #12monthsofDIY that I spotted on @thediymommy Christina's feed.   Each month a group of design bloggers are hosting a challenge of a different theme.  March is woodworking!

One rule I've made for myself is that these challenges have to cost $10 or less.  I don't want to have to be running out to gather supplies and have it cost a bunch, and I thought $10 was reasonable for the satisfaction it brings me.  Our community has a buy and sell Facebook page which works similar to a garage sale.  A neighbour on my block posted this old, wooden IKEA shelf for $5 and I jumped at it.  

One evening, I began by carefully dismantling the shelf using a drill and pry-bar.  Each shelf was attached to the legs by four screws, and each shelf had 3 planks attached to braces using wood staples.   I easily pried each plank off the braces using the pry-bar.

Measuring each plank, I sketched out what I wanted my stand to look like.  In addition to the IKEA shelf wood, I used a long piece of 8 x 3 x 1 that we had leftover from our mudroom renovation, and one piece of grey-washed pine, which I had intentions of making a holiday sign out of this past Christmas.

{my little helpers}

I cut down the 8 x 3 piece of wood and built U brackets for the base and table top for the stand.  With a little wood glue and air nailer, I nailed each plank around the U brackets, starting with each side, then moving to the front.  I laid out the planks before nailing to ensure I had the proper placement.

{no stranger to power tools}

After building the base, I attached the posts to each side. These had big holes from the screws I removed, so I filled them and sanded before painting. I used goopy old turquoise paint I had leftover from another project, and painted two coats of paint on the base and posts.

I measured and cut the top from the grey-washed pine, and sanded and re-stained the bare edges.  I attached the table top using 'no more nails' and it seems to have a good hold. I may have to add a couple nails down the road, for extra stability.

I painted the left over piece of 8 x 3 {the same wood I used for the U brackets} with chalkboard paint.  Chalkboard paint usually requires at least 3 coats for a solid finish.  I attached the chalkboard sign to the top of the posts using wood glue and an air nailer.  I touched up the barely-there nail holes with a little paint.

Using a collection of fun colorful fabrics, I created a small fabric bunting to decorate the stand.  I followed this tutorial here, and didn't realized how easy they actually are to make!  I'll definitely be making more of these!

The stand measures 56.5 inches tall by 25.5 inches wide and is the perfect size to bring inside for creative play, and my kids can barely wait to get it outside for it's first sale this Spring.

The total cost of the lemonade stand was $5 as everything else used to build and decorate the stand were items I already hand on hand.  It took me bits and pieces of time over one weekend to complete the project. The lemonade and cookies probably landed up costing more than the stand itself...  I LOVE a good creative challenge and sticking to a small budget makes it all the more fun!


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  1. My kids love to sell lemonade each summer. The part I hate is helping them get out the big clunky fold out table and chairs. They would die and go to heaven if I built them something like this. I love the chalk board sign, because sometimes you just want to sell hot chocolate and cookies. Beautiful build!