Tuesday, April 5, 2016

DIY: 5 thrifting tips + transforming trash to treasure.

An activity I love to do, but don't have much time for these days is thrifting. I love the challenge of hunting for treasures and the thrill of giving new life to an item that has been discarded or donated.

Over Easter weekend when we were out of town, I popped into a thrift store and picked up a few things; four wooden bowls/dishes, 2 wooden egg cups, a metal container, a mini wooden tool box and a sectioned wood shelf.  My total spend was just under $14.  I was anxious to get at it and see how I could repurpose them.

So far, I've transformed two of my finds into usable items.  

This $1 little metal container was given a fresh coat of black gloss paint which I had living in my garage. It made it's home in our downstairs playroom atop our DIY desk and is home to a handful of new pencils.

Inspired a post by Christina from www.thediymommy.com, this wooden shelf was sanded, primed with white spray paint, then given a fresh coat of ocean mist paint {a fabulous new colour available at Home Depot} I purchased a sheet of grey and white polka dot scrapbooking paper at Michael's and backed each section with paper.  The shelf found a home in Hazel's wall gallery where it's home to her prized collection of zum zums and Shopkins.  I also used one of the thrifted little wooden egg cups as-is to hold chalk for her chalkboard.

Here are a few tips you can take with you for your next thrifting adventure.

Time of year.
Spring and Summer are excellent seasons to thrift.  People are sent into a whirl of cleaning, purging and decluttering. Keep your eye out for local community garage sale parades where you can hit up as many sales as you can in one immediate area.  Often people just can't find the time or energy to host sales of their own, so much of their decluttered possessions are donated to your local second-hand or thrift shops.   Also, many thrift shops host sale days each month.  Just give them a call to see what they have scheduled!

Think outside the box.
When you're on the hunt for treasures, go with an open mind and think creatively.  Look for objects that can easily be given a face lift like wood and metal.  Browse Pinterest for ideas that make you excited.

Know your budget.
Recognize what is a good deal and what is not; be creative but practical.  And if you're planning to DIY, account for the resources including supplies and time it'll take to get you to your end result.  Set yourself a budget. Be choosey and selective in your thrift store finds.  Thrifting is not only eco-friendly, but can be good for your wallet, not to mention your home or wardrobe!

Don't be a hoarder.
Too much of a good thing, is not a good thing. Before you buy something at a thrift store, or any store for that matter, make sure it's something you can truly make use of.  If it's for a project, make time for that project, beginning to end, before moving on to the next!

Be patient.
Thrifting is practical but requires patience.  You have to be willing to scour and search for just the right treasures, and there'll be times you won't find what you're looking for!

Happy thrifting... and DIY-ing!

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