Tuesday, May 17, 2016

freebie: peach blossom banner printable.

Spring is definitely in the air.  Here's a cute free printable peach blossom bunting for you to freshen up your mantle, dress up your classroom or cheer up your walls.

the supplies.

free printable blossom bunting
scrapbook paper (optional)
twine, ribbon or yarn
mini clothes pins (optional)

the how-to.

1. download and print the free printable blossom bunting (3 PDF files)

2. cut out the bunting letters and leaves.  i also used the leaves included on the free printable as a template to cut additional leaves out of some floral scrapbooking paper to add a little more colour.

3. measure and trim a piece of twine, ribbon or yarn.  flip your bunting letters on their tummies and tape the string to the back of your bunting letters.  

4. hang your bunting in your desires spot.

5. clothespin, tape or glue your leaves to the bunting letters.

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