Monday, May 16, 2016

let's get crafty: DIY wooden spoon garden markers.

I grew up gardening.  My parents always planted a huge sprawling garden each summer and it was bordered by a lush raspberry bush.  I loved going up and down the rows, pulling weeds, sneaking strawberries, and shelling endless buckets of peas.  I dream of one day having the same in my own backyard, but big city living doesn't allow for much real estate out back.

A few weekends ago, we finished building our little 40 square foot raised garden planter box on the permitter of our deck.  I can't wait until May long weekend to get planting.

Here's a simple little project to make your own garden markers out of wooden spoons.  This craft is inexpensive, requires minimal supplies, kid-friendly and will only take you an hour or so one afternoon.

the supplies.

wooden spoons - check your local dollar store for packs of 2 or 3!
acrylic craft paint
paint brushes
painters tape
sharpie marker
white pencil crayon or pencil

the how-to.

1. gather up your wooden spoons and add painter's tape around the neck of the spoon.

2. paint your spoon a variety of colours.  perhaps make a list of what you intend to plant in your garden first to better plan for the colours of your spoons.  i painted 2 coats of paint on each of my spoons. let dry completely.

3. sketch out your little vegetable and herb drawings with white pencil crayon or pencil first.  or, if you want to keep it simple, write out your veggie names onto the spoon any way you like.  the sharpie is permanent which will disallow for any washing off or bleed in the rain.

4. plant your garden and mark your sections or rows!

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  1. THESE are awesome! Another great idea. Thank you for sharing!!!!