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Racism Books Written By Women

The information we are fed impacts the way we interact with people from different races or religions. With these differences, women authors have a different perspective as is evident in these books;

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander pays attention to racism and how it is personal.
The Tar Baby book brings more light on race and class relations and the real meaning of a black lady.
Essays And Speeches contain short essays written by Audre Lorde. The book has less than two hundred pages where the author expresses the experiences and rejection faced as a …

Boreal Book Club: Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier

The Canadian culture is well narrated in the Little Secrets book by Jennifer Hillier. The book portrays a paced union of domestic suspense themes such as obsession, guilt, and betrayal ratchet up. Complex characters such as Marin, whose grief turns to anger, pop up in the narrative.
Jennifer Hillier is a talented storyteller who jokes around with the reader’s fears and sympathies. The missing of Sebastian brings every reader to a state of suspension and anxiety. More emotions pop up as the reader is left confused about Sebastian’s whereabouts. A confidential investigator is hired to help find Sebastian.
On the other …

Residing in Canadian Arctic

Living in Canadian Arctic calls for an individual adjustment. The fact that the temperature goes below 50 Celsius means that one has to look for survival alternatives during this period to keep them entertained.
Here, you will interact with different people, especially if you become a regular visitor in the gym. You can make friends instantly since the residents are friendly and kind. Since going out is costly, you can hold Christmas parties or even birthdays, dinners at your friend’s residence. This will help you have fun while still saving money.
Dating in Canadian Arctic is on another level. It is done via the dating …