hello and welcome to my blog, a creative outlet where i share my ideas, art, inspirations, loves and bits of my everyday. i am a stay-at-home mama to three, with an overflowing passion for design, both online and offline.  we live in a creative, happy, healthy home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. when you walk through our front door for a visit, i want you to feel comfortable, inspired, uplifted and excited. i hope to connect with my readers on that very same level through my blog.

in my mid-30s i've felt a strong shift pushing me towards a simpler life, but also an undeniable force to create, and to dig deep into what i truly love to do.  not for money. not for fame.  merely because it's what i LOVE.  i was created to create.  and i want to share it with the world.

drop me a hello at sarahmstyle@gmail.com

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  1. Love this about page Sarah. It's heartfelt and so you! So so happy to see you blogging again!

    1. Thanks Morgan! About pages and bios are so tough to write! I'm truly enjoying blogging again and hope i can keep up with it!