A Look at Designer Jennifer Kappler of de volk & gosche

Jennifer Kappler is a Canadian designer who has been motivated by people around her for a long time. This caused her to develop a passion for highly-valued European textiles. In fact, she was introduced to embroidery and sewing at just six years of age.

By visiting different textile industries and exploring the heirloom lace production, she got an opportunity to study fashion arts in Vancouver Community college and was among the valedictorian alumna. After graduation, her collections were a gift to her mom, who is fighting breast cancer.

Kappler has continued advancing her career in different embroidery colleges such as Scuola di Ricamo Alta Moda and Hand & Lock in Rome, and London. She also got a chance to study with a renowned and global winner, tailor Thomas von Nordheim. Working with the renowned tailor enabled her to develop a label known as de volk & Gosche label. De volk refers to ‘for people’ while Gosche is means ‘cheeky.’

From the establishment of this label, she has since then taken part in designing for alertness of psychological issues and addiction to people living with HIV and AIDS and Breast Cancer Society of Canada.

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