How Backpacks Became a Fashion Essential

Not so long ago, backpacks used to be the essential accessory restricted to awkward high schoolers and enthusiastic hikers. However, somewhere along the line, the outdoors and school backpacks have emerged on the fashion scene as one of the essential items that can be found in nearly everyone’s wardrobe. How did these almost obscure bags rise through the ranks to become a staple in every modern person’s closet? You’re about to find out.

Humble Beginnings to Stardom

Before backpacks were seen as the all-desirable and attractive carry-on of choice, they came from humble beginnings a couple of decades ago. In the late ‘30s, when outdoor gear brand Gerry invented the first zippered backpacks, the initial design was reserved for kids to carry their academic luggage — as is still common today.

It was not until the late ‘60s when the very first nylon backpack models were invented. This was the period that saw an exponential increase in the design’s widespread adoption. The model was as desirable as a carry-on needed to be — smaller, lighter, durable, and with larger capacity. In the years that followed, the backpack evolved from its humble origins into what we now know to be the classic student backpack.

The ‘80s saw another surge in the adoption trend of backpacks, so much so that they became an essential on every list of necessary school supplies. This increase in demand for the design was based on logic as it responded to practical student needs. Long before that, the earlier designs were already welcomed by hikers and sports enthusiasts alike who needed the ease and storage capacity. This trend continued for much longer, bleeding into the eras in which athleticism surged. Backpacks became the go-to gym carry-all, and when things transitioned to more modern, digital-based tools, backpacks evolved right along.

With the invention of sleeker all-encompassing tools like computers and smartphones, designers started to rethink the direction of evolution. Backpacks soon took on a sleeker design with more compartments built-in to accommodate the digital age.

Just as the newer designs of backpacks became all the rage in school and athletic environments, they also made their rounds in the corporate world. White-collar professional workers became accustomed to using various forms of suitcases and purses to carry around their work luggage, and while it worked for many, it was soon time for a change. Many professional workers started to ditch their uncomfortable, low-capacity briefcases and purses for more practical and functional backpacks. It cut across nearly every sphere, from academics to professionals, and even for the creatives!

Should You Make the Switch?

The evolution of backpacks from a simple budding trend to back-to-school necessity, work, and life staple is both exhilarating and eye-opening to study. The world of a difference they make for anyone who makes the switch is just as impressive! Undoubtedly, the advantages are endless — they provide more comfort, allow better mobility for people who need their hands free, and they simply hold more things than the average purse or briefcase can manage.

If you are wondering if making the switch is the right call for you, these perks might catch your eye. Several high-fashion brands have joined in on this wondrous evolution of the bag industry. Today, there are tons of brands to sift through and find the backpack that suits your lifestyle, personality, and taste. They now come in various styles, colors, and designs that the market is teeming with options.

Fashion is now entering an era in which a beautiful love match with comfort is the new cool, thus making an item as comfortable and functional as a backpack a fashion essential. This long-awaited love affair with practicality and sustainability is most certainly a trend worth joining.

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