Zero-Waste Lifestyle in the Beauty Sector

Terracycle is a renowned firm in complex waste recycling through a Bottle Return Program. For long decades, Cocoon Apothecary has been partnering with Terracycle to offer solutions to eliminate waste in the beauty industries at national and municipal levels.

Investing in zero waste and plant-based beauty products will offer solutions to waste in the beauty sector as a whole. The establishment of the Zero Waste Box Program was to ease the complicated waste recycling process nationally. The best performance of the beauty and natural components and products is to have them packaged professionally.

The Bottle Return Program, which the firm offers, has played a huge role in enabling Cocoon Apothecary to assemble thousands of unwanted bottles from their clients monthly. A new packaging approach is adopted after the bottles have been assembled and proper sanitization is used.

According to the most recent report, the firm has made a collection of more than seven thousand returned bottles.With the packaging Zero Waste Box program, Cocoon Apothecary has made a tremendous move in recycling other wastes such as caps and pumps which cannot be repurposed.

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