Boreal Book Club: Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier

The Canadian culture is well narrated in the Little Secrets book by Jennifer Hillier. The book portrays a paced union of domestic suspense themes such as obsession, guilt, and betrayal ratchet up. Complex characters such as Marin, whose grief turns to anger, pop up in the narrative.

Jennifer Hillier is a talented storyteller who jokes around with the reader’s fears and sympathies. The missing of Sebastian brings every reader to a state of suspension and anxiety. More emotions pop up as the reader is left confused about Sebastian’s whereabouts. A confidential investigator is hired to help find Sebastian.

On the other hand, the STYLE Canada’s Boreal Book Club, narrated by Erin Catto, addresses the entire Canadian lifestyle, beauty, health, and wellness. Everything concerning the Canadian diet and beauty culture is well expressed via the two books.

The authors, who are Canadian, fully understand the beauty culture in Canada plus the transformation after that. Besides, the way Canadian spouses interact is perfectly elaborated in the two books and the anguish which falls after someone goes missing. The authors use eye-catching themes and scenes to express both the darker and horrific themes, for instance, the horrific experience in the Little Secrets book.

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