Residing in Canadian Arctic

Living in Canadian Arctic calls for an individual adjustment. The fact that the temperature goes below 50 Celsius means that one has to look for survival alternatives during this period to keep them entertained.

Here, you will interact with different people, especially if you become a regular visitor in the gym. You can make friends instantly since the residents are friendly and kind. Since going out is costly, you can hold Christmas parties or even birthdays, dinners at your friend’s residence. This will help you have fun while still saving money.

Dating in Canadian Arctic is on another level. It is done via the dating software or IRL. Shopping can be done either online or via an iceblink shop with a variety of brands such as eberjy, Free People, and Butter London.

Selecting an outdoor activity for your vacation or weekends will depend on the season. During summer, you can enjoy doing activities such as fishing, hiking, and camping. On the other hand, winter season activities include snowmobiling, skiing, and ice fishing.

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